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there are already breakletics® classes in Argentina, Japan (Tokyo), Russia (Moscow), Switzerland (Zurich), Armenia (Yerevan) und 20x in Germany.

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399 EUR*
*Reverse charge procedure



Viktoria Stöger


Sportunion Asten
Orchideenstrasse 21
4481 Asten
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Limited number of participants!

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349 EUR*
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as of 24th February 399 EUR



Vitaly Egorov


Ulitsa Belinskogo
2, Zvenigorod, Moskovskaya oblast', Russland, 143180
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 By clicking the "Book now" button, you accept the terms and conditions of the BREAKLETICS® license agreement.

Limited number of participants!

Got questions? Write us an email to info@breakletics.com!

Are there requirements
to become a BREAKLETICS® instructor?

Although there are no formal requirements to become a BREAKLETICS® instructor, it would be great if you already had experience as an instructor. And you should of course be fit enough to be able to exercise BREAKLETICS® yourself. We have developed the following fitness check. Repeat the flow from the video until you can execute it perfectly.

Learn more about BREAKLETICS®!

Creative - Unique Exercises

The infinite movement abilities of your body allow countless creative exercises. You experience the abilities of your body and continue to develop constantly.

Simple - Everyone can learn it

The movements are structured in a simple and comprehensible manner so that everyone can learn them quickly. In addition, there are different grades of each exercise that suit every fitness level!

Ready 2 Go - Your complete package

You'll get everything you need to teach successfully: a BREAKLETICS® mixtape, four workouts, access to the online video database with over 130 videos and more!

Fun - It's fun, and a lot of it

BREAKLETICS® is addictive. With fresh, motivating music, the workout is even more fun and rocks your body!

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Become a BREAKLETICS® instructor

Learn a new creative way to get your participants to a sweat

Dynamic and cool breakdance elements combined with functional exercises help you get to the desired goal even faster and have a lot of fun while doing it. Through new movement structures, you will experience your body in a new way. The High Intensity Interval Training is the ideal training to become lean and fit. In addition to this important aspect, BREAKLETICS® allows you to train your coordination, speed, strength endurance, rhythm, and ability to concentrate. And best of all: no breakdance, acrobatics or dance experiences are required!

Years of experience stand behind BREAKLETICS®

BREAKLETICS® was developed by Peter Sowkinski (aka PETAIR) - Sports diploma, 10 years professional breakdancer with show and dance experience on international stages and member of the famous Flying Steps. He is a multiple German champion and therefore one of the best in the world at what he does.

Variable difficulty levels for all participants

Our aim is that participants have fun at BREAKLETICS® regardless of their fitness level. Even if BREAKLETICS® is optimized for a sporty target group, each exercise has several gradations: from easy as pie to Chuck Norris difficult. So even beginners and advanced participants can train in the same class side by side!

The power of music

You get music produced by us which helps your BREAKLETICS® session flow like water. In addition, we teach you to use the rhythm of the music to bring additional variety into your class. The music is structured in such a way that it takes away almost the entire work: it guides you perfectly from warm up, over the workout to the stretching phase (chillout). So that you can devote your full attention to your participants.

Exercises like never seen before

BL Toprocks, BL Footworks, BL Powermoves and BL Crunches. You will receive from us a large number of exercises that train all important muscle groups. Thus, you get an optimal tool for your body and the body of your participants. All our exercises are inspired by the infinite creativity and the philosophy of the breakdance.

be a pioneer and become one of the first BREAKLETICS® instructors. secure yourself now one of the limited places

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What are the exact steps of the certification process?

  1. You book your BL training here on the website. Our payment provider (Paypal) offers the following payment methods: Paypal, credit card and direct debit. In case of problems or questions write an email to info@breakletics.com.
  2. You will receive within 24 hours an email with the first part of the preparation material: the ultimate BL manual and our exclusively produced BL Mixtape
  3. You will get the second part of the preparation material: Access to the BL Videodatabase is enabled for your Youtube account. Here you can look up more than 130 videos for each of our exercises and other important instructor information.
  4. You prepare for the workshop weekend by studying the preparation material in detail.
  5. The time has come! During the workshop weekend, you will be taught comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about BREAKLETICS®. Exercises that are based on real class situations are also part of the training. We would like to prepare you as well as possible for your future as a BREAKLETICS® instructor!
  6. After the workshop, you have a month to send us a video of you teaching a class. Already at least two participants are sufficient.
  7. We will check if your class video meets the requirements conveyed during the training. Do not worry, with good preparation you will pass this test as well.
  8. Congratulations you are now a licensed BREAKLETICS® instructor! As such you get an official certificate, signed by Petair, and of course your BL shirt.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

You get extensive feedback from us why your class video did not meet the Breakletics requirements. After that, you get the possibility to send us another class video for the video exam for free. Further tests are charged at a price of 59 EUR.

What should I bring?

You need of training clothes and something to take notes.

What happens after the training?

We regularly offer our instructors new update packs. These include new music, newly developed exercises, as well as two freshly composed workouts. The prices vary from 49 EUR to 79 EUR.

What happens when my BREAKLETICS® license expires?

To extend his or her BREAKLETICS® license for an additional 6 months the instructor must send us a recent class video showing that he or she still meet the quality requirements of a BREAKLETICS® instructor. The video must be no older than 1 week on the date of the upload. The video can be sent at the earliest 2 months before the BREAKLETICS® license expires and at the latest 2 months after the BREAKLETICS® license has expired. The process of the license extension can be repeated at the end of each license period. The extension of the license is free of charge. If the instructor fails to upload the class video within the above described timeframe, the license can not be extended anymore and the instructor will have to undergo the whole certification process in order to get a new BREAKLETICS® license. Do you still have questions about this? Please write an email to: info@breakletics.com

You have further questions?

Please write us an email at info@breakletics.com!

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